Home Internet LTE & 5G with Fair Usage Policy (FUP) Terms and Conditions

Vodacom Standard Terms

  1. Vodacom reserves the right to suspend your service in the event that we suspect that you in any way abuse the service or if you use devices that are not compliant with ICASA specifications to access the services.
  2. Vodacom reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions and where such change is material Vodacom shall provide you with reasonable prior written notice before implementing such change.
  3. You may access the Home Internet data service (the “Service”) via the Top Up payment type.
  4. The Service will only be available on a 24-month or 36-month contract.
  5. You will be billed on a monthly basis for the total subscription amount for the Service, including device costs if applicable, as well as any other Value Added Services (“VAS”), bundle purchases or out of bundle usage.
  6. After your contract period for the Services has expired, your contract will continue on a month-to-month basis.
  7. You may terminate your Service during the initial contract period or the renewal/upgrade period by giving Vodacom at least 20 (twenty) business days’ notice in writing. Early cancellation will be subject to a payment penalty determined by Vodacom (the “Cancellation Fee”). Vodacom may charge you up to 75% of the balance of the outstanding Service fees (the “Balance”) as the Cancellation Fee. The Balance is determined as follows: the monthly subscription amount times by the remaining months of the contract. Upon early cancellation of the Service, you will also have to pay all outstanding amounts in respect of the Services and/or Apparatus related to the Services in addition to the Cancellation Fee.
  8. If you choose to cancel your Service between the 1st and the 3rd of the month the cancellation will only be effective at the end of that particular month. If you choose to cancel your Service after the 3rd of the month, the cancellation will pend to the end of the following month. You will retain your Fair Usage Policy (FUP) until the Service cancellation is effective.
  9. You are able to do a SIM swap.

Home Internet Contract Devices

  1. This Service can be offered in 3 variations: as SIM only, bundled with 4G router or bundled with 5G router. It is the customer choice to select the deal that is preferable to their needs.
  2. If you select the SIM only tariff, the Service’s SIM card will only work in the Vodacom issued router or a Vodacom approved home router. You can check the list of approved home routers here: Home Internet Approved Routers | Vodacom. The responsibility to use a compatible and approved home router lies solely on the customer.
  3. If you select a SIM only tariff but choose to use your own compatible home router then, any warranty, guarantee, customer support and service and/or education pertaining to this router will not be offered to you and/or covered from Vodacom.
  4. The Service is only compatible with approved home routers that are part of the predefined list. Therefore, it is not compatible and will not work with mobile phones, dongles and/or MiFi routers.

Contract Activation and Use

  1. You can activate the Service regardless of if your location has sufficient LTE coverage and capacity. However, you can check the LTE coverage in your area on: Home Internet (vodacom.co.za).

C2 General

  1. When you use the Service, you have to insert the SIM card into an approved home router or the bundled home router.
  2. Your access to the Vodacom network is dependent on whether you use the Service in an LTE or 5G coverage area and on the router’s ability to connect to Vodacom’s LTE or 5G network.
  3. This Service does fall back on to 3G and/or 2G technology. However, the responsibility will lie solely on the customer to ensure that their area of use has sufficient LTE or 5G coverage.
  4. You are able to change the location in which you access the Service at any time, provided that the location in which you are based and/or changing to is an LTE or 5G coverage area. If your new location does not have sufficient LTE or 5G coverage and capacity, then you may have to cancel your Service and incur the Cancellation Fees. The responsibility will lie solely on the customer to ensure that their area of use has sufficient LTE or 5G coverage.
  5. There is a FUP (Fair Usage Policy) applicable on all Home Internet price plans. The Service’s FUP will be allocated monthly, however, it cannot be carried over to another month.
  6. The Service’s full monthly fair usage policy (FUP) will be issued and applied on the 1st of every subsequent calendar month going forward until the contract term expires. The full cost of the respective tariff will be due and deducted.
  7. If you activate the Home Internet service in the middle of a calendar month, the Service’s full monthly fair usage policy (FUP) will apply whilst the Service’s bill will be pro-rated for the remainder of the month.
  8. Each Home Internet price plan has specific speed limiting applicable on upload and download speeds. Vodacom cannot be held liable to specific upload and download speeds as this is dependent on the location where the Service is being accessed.
  9. Once the monthly FUP has been reached, as per your respective price plan, data usage will no longer continue. To continue data usage, you would need to purchase a 100GB or 200GB bundle.

Table 1: Fair Usage Policy on Home Internet plans Price Plan

Fair Usage Policy

10Mbps price plan

Speeds up to 10Mbps for usage from 0-200GB

20Mbps price plan

Speeds up to 20Mbps for usage from 0-400GB

30Mbps price plan

Speeds up to 30Mbps for usage from 0-600GB

50Mbps price plan

Speeds up to 50Mbps for usage from 0-1TB

100Mbps price plan

Speeds up to 100Mbps for usage from 0-2TB

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