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  1. Accessory Instalment is an Add On offering whereby the customer has an option to build their own deal by selecting Accessories & CIoT products off the Accessory Instalment price list, adding to their main contract and paying it off over the contract term:
    1. The Accessory Instalment is only applicable when taken up with a line.
    2. Customer may add as many accessories to their contract based on credit vetting affordability that will be predetermined and/or published.
    3. The Instalment amount for the Accessories & CIoT products will be added to the main contract monthly bill.
  2. Accessories & CIoT products will be added to an Accessory Instalment price list on a monthly basis, which will be available per deal cycle. The Accessories & CIoT products selected by Vodacom will be based on the Credit Vetting criteria.
    1. The Accessories & CIoT products selected by Vodacom to be available on the Accessory Instalment will be available to purchase from the Vodacom warehouse only.
    2. Only selected Accessories & CIoT products will be available on the Accessory Instalment price list.
  3. New and existing Vodacom postpaid customers can participate in the Accessory Instalment offer, which is inclusive of the following customers:
    1. Hybrid / uChoose contracts;
    2. Pre-paid customer converting to contract;
    3. Existing contract customers upgrading;
    4. Existing customer adding a new line; and
    5. New customers taking up a new contract.
  4. Pre-paid Vodacom customers not converting to contract cannot participate in the Accessory Instalment offer.
    1. Pre-paid customers do not qualify for the Accessory Instalment offer
  5. Vodacom reserves the right to discontinue this service based at their sole discretion without any notice.
  6. Vodacom reserve the right to adjust and amend the Accessory Instalment service offering and pricing from time to time/ at their discretion.
    1. Any adjustments or amendments to services and pricing or additional services will be communicated on 30 days written notice or such other reasonable notice period as the circumstances reasonably require.
  7. In the event the customer wishes to terminate their contract, the customer is responsible for the balance due, specified in the cancellation quote.
    1. Should the main contract be cancelled the Accessories and CIoT products taken up will automatically be included and the customer would be liable for the balance due.
  8. In the event of a dispute of accessory compatibility against the device, Vodacom will not be held liable for any exchanges and/or returns. Customer is obligated to ensure compatibility.
  9. OBF (out of box failure) process applies, accessories must be returned within seven calendar days from date of purchase on the official invoice (proof of purchase).
    1. Accessories that qualify as OBF will only be swapped out for the same make and model;
    2. Should the device be end of life the next model will be issued;
    3. Original contents of box for example: battery, straps, etc must be complete and packaging intact, or in good condition.
  10. The current return policy applies, devices returned must be accompanied by the accessories. Refer to OBF (out of box failure) terms and conditions.
  11. Vodacom standard contract terms and conditions apply. These terms and conditions must be read in conjunction with the Vodacom contract terms and conditions.
  12. Vodacom reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions and where such change is material, Vodacom shall provide prior written notice of such change or amendment.
  13. The Vodacom Privacy Statement applies to the use of this product / service.


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